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*** RangersMedia.co.uk Player rater Hearts vs. Rangers ***


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McGregor - 6 - Error lead to goal, made a great save to keep us in it.

Whittaker - 6 - I don't think he looked like the Player he did last season.

Weir - 8 - Didn't show his age today, or did he? His experiance was there for everyone to see.

Bougherra - 6 - Looked dogey at times.

Papac - 7 - Passing was poor, made the Hearts winger (Eboue?) Look world class.

McCulloch - 9 - I thought he was fantastic. Reminded me of an in-form Ferguson.

Thomson - 1 - Only played 13 mins. Silly, silly challeng. I can see why the ref sent him off from his angle.

Davis - 7 - Did ok.

Fleck - 5 - Passing was poor, vision at times was poor, at times treid to do it all himself.

Miller - 7 - Good first half, faded in the second a little. He was getting the rought treatment from Hearts.

Naismith - 8 - Impressed by his energy and movement. Should have scored the header.


Smith - 8 - Fantastic delivery, caused Hearts a lot of problems

Boyd - 7 - Great composure when takening the spot kick. The Hero once again.

Walter got it all right.

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McGregor- 5: Gifted Hearts the goal, and looked very shaky at other times, but did produce a quality save off a corner

Whittaker- 6: Decent enough going forward, looked average defensively

Weir- 8: Thought he was excellent, dealt with everything in the air

Bougherra- 6: looked good going forward, but was very slack on a clearance that was lucky not to end up a goal

Papac- 7: Was solid defensively for me and kept his composure

Davis- 7: Passing was good, started a fair number of attacking moves in the 2nd half

McCulloch- 7: Good goal, put in some good tackles as well

Thomson- 4: Not on the field long enough to really do anything, was harshly sent off I think but he really should know better

Naismith- 7: Looked good going forward, has a good touch

Miller- 7: Put in a good shift up top under difficult circumstances, was always harassing the Hearts defense

Fleck- 6: Wasn't that great, split past a couple of defenders once or twice, but his passing wasn't very sharp


Smith- 8: Completely changed the match, put in a good ball for Lee's goal and gave Hearts something to worry about

Boyd- 7: Obviously was only on the field for a few minutes, but it takes alot of guts to slot away a penalty like that on the road in a place you've never scored for Rangers

Team selection- 8: Walter put the best team out there he could, but I would have gone with Alexander

Tactics- 8: We played very well the 2nd half and Walter clearly wanted to go for it

Subs- 9: Both subs provided the goals, can't ask for much better than that.

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McGregor - 6 Terrible mistake for the goal,superb save; overall seems too have too much on his mind to perform confidently.

Whittaker - 3 All danger, every goal comes from his area and it is as bad when he remembers to be there.Teams switch their wide men to target him.Switched off which led to the first goal and his clumsy foul outside the box at the end could have been costly.

Weir - 7 The grumpy old man held his own again

Bougherra - 6 Erratic display but his forward surges take so much pressure off us.

Papac - 6. Strangely inconsistent with his passing but solid enough defensively.

McCulloch - 7 Becoming a hero with his goals.

Thomson - 2 Showed his footballing weakness again.

Davis - 7 The usual peformance, missing for a time then the dogged gritty tackling and running which is so valuable.

Fleck - 5 Perhaps his football brain is too quick for Naismith and McCulloch.He made some really clever passes which looked bad because of the lack of anticipation of others.

Miller - 7 Worked his socks off and took some heavy treatment.

Naismith - 5 Still to prove to me that he is at the level we need, terrible control and poor timing.

Smith - 7 Crossing made a great difference and he applied himself to the task

Boyd - 7 Hard to give a mark; one touch one goal?

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McGregor; 5 One great save but one major error.

Whittaker; 5 Didn't get tight enough on the Hearts wingers but good going forward.

Weir; 6 Solid at the back and good on the ball.

Bougherra; 7 Terrific at the back and in attack.

Papac; 5 Extremely poor distribution.

Davis; 7 Very energetic and lively performance.

Thomson; 4 Only survived 13 minutes and is obviously not ready to start in a game of that magnitude.

McCulloch; 7 First half non existant but upped things in the second half and scored a very good header.

Naismith; 6 Good movement and done well to win the penalty.

Miller; 6 Great movement when up front on his own.

Fleck; 4 Very poor. Not this wonderkind people make out.

S.Smith; 6 Produced some terrific crosses and set up McCulloch's goal.

Boyd; 10 What else do you want? On the pitch for 60 seconds and scores the winner.

Team selection; 6 Good team to start out. Alexander should be in though.

Tactics; 10 Completely outclassed Csaba in the second half.

Subs; 10 S.Smith set one up and Boyd scored the winner.

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Weir; 6 Solid at the back and good on the ball.

Boyd; 10 What else do you want? On the pitch for 60 seconds and scores the winner.

<cr> <cr> <cr>

When someone has 2 touches of the ball in the space of 60 seconds and one sets up a penalty then the other one puts the ball in the net you can't really ask for much more!

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McCulloch was MOTM for me, largely due to his fantastic 2nd half display. Even in the 1st half though, he was breaking up play consistently when Hearts had possession. On this form he should be 1 of the 1st names on the team sheet every week. I gave him 9.

Weir was outstanding again today, never looking ruffled and reading play so well he was usually 1 step ahead of everyone else. I gave him 8.

Stevie Smith looked more like the player we all hoped he'd become, although his timing in the tackle still needs to improve somewhat. His delivery from wide and from free-kicks was excellent. I gave him 7.

Bougherra looked out-of-sorts at times. Not up to his usual high standards but I suppose every player has an off day occasionally. McGregor looked shaky and lacking in confidence but more than made up for his mistake at the goal by producing a truly world-class save to deny Hearts in the 2nd half. Only playing games will bring him back to his best.

Thomson showed today why I've never been convinced by all the hype coming from some of our support. His tackling has never been top class and his judgement has always been suspect IMO. He needs to learn and he needs to do it fast.

Walter Smith again showed today why he is the most successful manager in Scottish football over the last 20yrs. His experience and wisdom were major reasons why we won today.


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Weir; 6 Solid at the back and good on the ball.

Boyd; 10 What else do you want? On the pitch for 60 seconds and scores the winner.

<cr> <cr> <cr>

When someone has 2 touches of the ball in the space of 60 seconds and one sets up a penalty then the other one puts the ball in the net you can't really ask for much more!

But surely a 10/10 is when someone plays for most of a game and has a complete performance...

And Weir 6?! He spent half the game ripping the pish out of the Hearts strikers with some fancy footwork! That alone deserves more than a 6!

Maybe but I think it's the fact that I'm so overjoyed :lol:

In fact I may have given Weir a 7 on the player rater but stuck 6 down here by accident.

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I thought McCulloch was good but not great, he done well and has stood in well and done a great job but let's not get ahead of ourselves, I gave him a 7 becaues let's face it we were shit for the majority of the game and McCulloch was one of the better performers amongst a bad group today.

Boyd's ratings are a bit stupid how can he get high ratings he was on for 3 minutes and scored a penalty, I love the big guy but in player ratings players who come on with a few minutes to go get a 3 or a 4.

Overall though we can't complain not a great performance but two solid wins, hopefully a sign of things to come, however, we have to obtain some flair we have no creativity from the flanks and although he is trying to make Fleck offer us that I feel if he isn't going to play Fleck in his position or at least on left wing he should give Aaron a go.

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McGregor 5 - what a horrible mistake for that goal, but he recovered well from it with that save in the 2nd half.Deserved place on the bench imo.

Whittaker 6 - was pretty good going forward at times, but made few mistakes, including one for their goal.He made an important clearance in the end.

Weir - 7 he did very well and was unlucky not to score.

Bougherra 6 - average performance from him.

Papac 5 - he was awful today,we need a new LB, another season with him at that possition and its getting worse.

Naismith 7 - he did well, played good, chased the ball all the time and contributed well for the penalty.

Davis 7 - he was everywhere today, i would like to see him in the middle of the park more often.

McCulloch 8 - My MOTM.He has done his job very well, looked solid all the time and scored a very important goal right in time.

Thomson 4 - i wouldn`t sent him off for that challenge, but he left his team-mates to play with 10 men for almost 80 mins, which is unacceptable.

Fleck 5 - imo he had a bad game.Some nice touches but his passing was woeful and Walter made the right decision when he brought Stevie Smith in.

Miller 6 - tried hard, chased the ball well as always, not a bad game imo.

Smith 7 - great contribution after he came in.I think he should be given a chance to play full 90 minutes in the next game.

Boyd 7 - haven`t had much time to do anything, but even a few minutes were pretty enough for him. He showed a character to take and score that penalty and to give us the 3 points today.Krissy Krissy Boyd!

Team management 7 - i think we need to replace Papac for our next game.

Tactics 8 - well done to Walter, what a fantastic come back.

Subs 8 - again credit to Walter here.2 subs with great contribution for our win today.


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Great 2nd half display today. Feel a bit aggrieved by the thomson sending off, was a bad tackle granted but I think it was way too early for a straight red. Yellow and last waring. Overall everyone played well Mculloch was my MOTM, davis was excellent, when smith came one he played well great deliveires. Papac, whittaker and fleck werent to smart but played there part. Mcgregor was a shambles for the goal however pulled off a great save to deny hearts a second. Crazy game, great result. This is what makes us champions.

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Mcgregor - 6 - Poor effort for the goal, made up for it with fantastic save later

Whittaker - 6 - Tried to get forward, got ripped defensively though

Weir - 8 - The big man was outstanding today, got past a lot of players, played really well

Bougherra - 7 - A couple of dodgy moments but was a rock towards the end of the game and ventured forward in true boogie fashion

Papac - 6 - A little bit dodgy at times, was otherwise solid

Mcculloch - 7 - Scored a great equaliser, nearly scored again late on and did alright with the ball, couple of dodgy moments in midfield but didnt get much help at the time from team mates

Thomson - 4 - Little time on the park, was looking composed, poor sending off

Davis - 8 - Everything was going through him, energetic, always looking to get on the ball and create, arguably our best midfielder we have

Fleck - 5 - Looked a little out of sorts, had some good attacks but lost the ball a couple of times, up against Obua wasnt going to do much in the air but looked to do things with the ball when he had it

Miller - 7 - Dangerous, creative, caused problems with his pace, a little bit off with his touch but is evidently playing well

Naismith - 7 - Was a little slack at times but always looked to get forward, did well to win penalty and could maybe have won one earlier, was unlucky not to score with a header


Smith - 6 - Did well when he came on, some great set piece delivery, great wing play, looked a lot better in the wing role and did well defensively when called back

Boyd - 8 - Two touches, one a goal to win the game and one to win the ball in the air for naismith to run onto to win the penalty

Team selection 8

Tactics 9

Subs 10

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