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Nacho was in with the fans today


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I got a text from my mate from Tynecastle today, Lafferty was in with Nacho too. :D

Apparently, some fans were singing, "Kyle, gees the sash" and he told them he would but he really couldn't just now. :P

To make up for it though, him and wee Nacho were belting out 'Follow Follow'. :D

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I wonder if they were giving that fat lad abuse :lol:

He didnt half get some, took it well though

did you see him when we got the pen he had his head in his hands was as funny as feck

LOL, there was a lad with a blue union jack jacket in the hearts end, ended up taking it off near the end cos he was getting so much abuse... the fat lad was shakin his arse about in the last 10 minutes aswell

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