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The Gaffer's views of SDM


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"FOR someone to handle the post of Rangers chairman as Sir David did for 20 years was nothing short of remarkable.

"Since football became a more financially-based game he has been the person who has had to bear the brunt of finding the finance to keep his club at the forefront.

"I think he has done an incredible job and the testimony is the trophies he has won.

"At the moment there are very few clubs who are successful on a budget, therefore you have to try as best as you can to keep up and Sir David handled that side of things extremely well.

"He also had a great relationship with his managers and you always see that when the club has get-togethers. There are not too many clubs where the managers who have been there are happy to come back.

"Yet every-one of the of the boys who have had Sir David as chairman are ready and willing to come to any function, that says a lot.

"Sir David is one of the big reasons I came back to Rangers from the Scotland job. If it had been any other chairman, it would have been an even harder decision."


"I THINK Sir David Murray will be regarded as a giant in Rangers history.

"The club have had many legends who have been revered and still are. I regard him as the same, someone who has been a great for the club.

"David has been the chairman of Rangers through so many wonderful times so many successes and I was a little bit surprised that he chose to announce he was stepping down at this stage, especially before Rangers go back into the Champions League.

"But what a big decision for David and he is leaving at the top.

"How many people in football get the chance to do that?

"Full credit to David. I've great admiration for him. What he attempted at Rangers forced Celtic into trying to keep track. They had to go and raise the bar, too.

"He gave me the chance of a lifetime and I will forever be grateful to him.

"It was one of the greatest feeling I've had - knowing I was going to be manager of Rangers.

"Every ambition I had domestically we achieved but without David I would not have had the chance to do that."


"I THINK Sir David will be remembered as the greatest chairman Rangers ever had - and one of the most significant figures in the club's long history.

"How many league titles were won during his tenure? Or the number of trophies overall?

"If that's how you measure success, then he has been the greatest and presided over a huge era.

"It is a classic case that he will be more appreciated in later years once he has left Ibrox. I have known about this for some time and he feels the time is right.

"He has been involved for more than 20 years and everyone is entitled to weary a little after that.

"History is being unkind to Scottish football and David has felt the frustration of that for a while. He is a Rangers fan but every Old Firm supporter is feeling it now as English clubs beat them to players.

"When you see the money around in England, then players will go to Burnley, Hull or West Brom before they sign for Rangers or Celtic.

"David wanted to take Rangers to the latter stages of the Champions League. But finances make that an impossible dream."

Publication date 27/08/09


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