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Chelsea ban is first salvo

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United could get it as well with the Pogba deal

don't see Chelsea getting anything out of their appeal after reading this article


FIFA and UEFA are planning to push through plans to ban all international transfers of players under the age of 18 by the start of next season.

The game's governing bodies have been discussing proposals for months to ensure clubs do not lose their young starlets and the issue was on the agenda at two key meetings this week.


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Seen on SSN that Chelsea may try and hold the ban off until the end of January so they can bring in a few new faces then. But the guy went on to say, if one of the signings they made during that spell were to say relegate a team, there would be an outrage. Theyll be losing a good few players due to African Nations as well. Not looking good for Chelski

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what about the spanish teams, ala Madrid with Ronaldo and Barcelona constantly announcing their desire to sign fabregas is this not tapping up the player also? or is this rule only for the EPL clubs etc ?

This is Blatter and Platini were talking about, therefore it only affects English clubs.

I did say this is exactly what would happen last night.

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Total bias shown once again towards the EPL. I kind of see the point as it's unfair on these smaller clubs. But what about the players, instead of moving to a top club and having the benefit of top training staff and facilities they have to sit it out until they're 18 at some smaller club.

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