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Kenny handed 9 month ban


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Sheffield United goalkeeper Paddy Kenny has been suspended from football for nine months by the Football Association following a failed drugs test.

The Irish international failed a drugs test following last season's play-off semi-final clash with Preston North End.

The 31-year-old tested positive for the prohibited substance Ephedrine and he was charged under FA Rule E25 in relation to Regulation 2 of The FA Doping Control Programme Regulations.

He was suspended upon confirmation of his initial test on July 22, and he will now not be allowed to participate in any football until April 22, 2010.

The FA Regulatory Commission confirmed that although Kenny had 'on the balance of probability' not intentionally taken the substance - which is believed to have come from a cough medicine - they could not over-look the offence.

"The Regulatory Commission considered carefully the evidence and the submissions from both parties. Whilst we found that the Player satisfied us on the balance of probabilities that the substance was not taken with the intention of enhancing sporting performance, his admitted conduct displayed significant fault," chairman Christopher Quinlan stated.

"A professional sportsman including a football player has a strict responsibility to ensure prohibited substances do not enter his/her body.

"In this instance Mr Kenny knowingly ingested an over-the-counter medicine above the prescribed dosage without reading the accompanying package or leaflet and without reference to his club's doctor or other medical staff.

"It is incumbent upon all professional footballers to understand the perils and dangers of so doing and to act in the way he did, contrary to the Doping Control Programme delivered by The FA and in any event what should be a matter of common sense for a professional sportsman, showed in our judgment a complete disregard for those responsibilities."


Silly fucker!

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It seems it was a cough medicine he took. Quite harsh to miss 9mth for taking cough medicine. The drug in question as well, is little more that a caffeine substitute, no more performing enhancing than a cup of coffee! So I'd tend to believe he was genuine. It's almost the exact thing Alain Baxter tested positive for, and would of had negligible effect. The FA admitted he took the drug as part of a treatment to get better from a cold, but still hammered him.

Rules are rules, but you'd think they'd impliment common sense. When you consider Bednar got a ban of 3mths for cocaine....

That isn't performance enhancing where as apparently ephedrine is

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These guys get paid fortunes, are given detailed lists by their clubs of what they should and shouldn't put into their bodies, have an army of people to help them and yet Paddy Kenny decides to go ahead and take something that is on the banned list.

The onus is always on the athlete to check any medication before using, but some of them are indeed too stupid to take this on board.

He's a mug.

Saying that I would be interested to know how ephedrine enhances a goalkeeper to the effect he is banned for 9 month.

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