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Smith Reason for leaving Scotland for Rangers was ..


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Their was only 8 months left on his Scotland contact if they never qualified for the Euros and he was offered a good job, that he couldnt turn down with no long term contract on the table from scotland.

He has 3 weeks left on the table with us just now ... hes been offered a long term contract by scotland?

Whats your answer Walter? :sherlock:

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This seems to be the answer:

When Smith's name was first linked with post following Burley's exit he said: "I enjoyed my time there but it was me who made the conscious decision to leave. I feel as though I've had my shot at it.

"That's it as far as I'm concerned.

"It's not something I'd go back and do, not given it was my own decision to leave. I don't think you should rule yourself out until you are actually asked. And I have not been asked to go back.

"But in fairness to everybody there has been a level of speculation. I just wanted to clarify my position."

http://www.<No links to this website>/football/spl/...86908-21874536/

I don't think he'll go back and I don't want to, I want John Collins though getting him away from the Rangers hotseat would be a bonus I suppose.

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