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Who DESERVES to be Sports Personality of the Year?


Who DESERVES to be Sports Personality of the Year?  

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  1. 1. Well?

    • Jenson Button 10/11
    • Ryan Giggs 5/2
    • Jessica Ennis 4/1
    • David Haye 10/1
    • Mark Cavendish 20/1
    • Andrew Strauss 20/1
    • Beth Tweddle 40/1
    • Tom Daley 50/1
    • Andy Murray 66/1
    • Phillips Idowu 100/1

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Who SHOULD win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year?

It's one of those oddities - I have never voted in this annual event, nor have I ever met anyone who says they have ever voted in it. But apparently millions do. Who are they?

Anyway, it takes place this Sunday. The 10 short-listed contestants are on the poll (along with their current odds). Who do you think ought to win, and why? If you want, you can also say who will win, which is a different issue.


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As a football fan, and a United follower - I think Ryan Giggs deserves it.

His performances over the last year or so has been incredible, and to think he's almost 36 makes it even more brilliant.

I reckon Button or Haye will get it though, hopefully not Button.

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id hate it if ryan giggs got it. partly because i despise united. absolutely fucking hate them.

Anyway, if you are talking about the one stand out performance, its David Haye.

If you are talking about a sustained performance over the course of a year, its Jenson Button. Simples

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I'll be in Sheffield this weekend when the Sports Personality of the Year juggernaught rolls into the city and this year's award looks to be as hard to call as ever.

Three years ago the nation thought Darren Clarke would win it, but Zara Phillips took the crown. Twelve months later Joe Calzaghe upset the odds, and last year I remember everyone telling me Lewis Hamilton was the winner - but people hadn't reckoned on the power of the Olympic stars, particularly Sir Chris Hoy, who has been an excellent ambassador for the award.

So how do you split world champions Jenson Button, Tom Daley, Jessica Ennis, Phillips Idowu and Beth Tweddle?

Does Ryan Giggs deserve it for such a stunning year on the football pitch? How about the fact we've once more got a heavyweight champion of the world in the shape of our very own David 'versus Goliath' Haye?

Then there's cycling star Mark Cavendish, Ashes-winning England cricket captain Andrew Strauss, and world tennis number four Andy Murray.

Thankfully, I only have two hours of live TV in an 11,000-seat arena to worry about, not the much more daunting challenge of picking a winner!

Talking of the arena, once again we've escaped the confines of Television Centre and I'll be on the train to Sheffield as Sports Personality arrives in a sporting city that is well deserving of hosting such a prestigious evening.

In fact, we're live at the Sheffield Arena, home of the Sheffield Steelers ice hockey team. Let's hope the atmosphere doesn't heat the arena up too much as I don't want to swim to where Beth Tweddle is sitting!

Enjoy the show,


BBC Sport Newsletter [sport.online@ebs.bbc.co.uk]

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Not giving up to find out who Jessica Ennis really is. My late wife always reminds me: "Seek and you shall find."


Cosmoplitan Magazine and their high profile group of judges chose Jessica Ennis as their Sports Woman of the Year

The accolade came as Jess attended their Ultimate Woman of the Year Awards.

At the glamorous red carpet awards ceremony, Jessica was awarded her trophy by TV presenter Fearne Britton and was alongside other category winners in including, Danni Minogue, Kimberley Walsh, Pixie Lott, Megan Fox and Freddie Flintoff.

Alesha Dixon one of the judges said “Jessica is a big inspiration to British girls” and we’re sure the winning sports star will do us proud at the 2012 Olympics.”

Jessica Ennis recounted the evening – “ I had so much fun it was amazing, I met so many brilliant people and to then go to Downing Street for breakfast with Sarah Brown with the other winners was a great experience. It was really interesting to have a good look around No. 10.”

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I went for Jenson Button, I dont really follow F1 but he seems like hes a decent bloke and am sure his car has been shite most of his time in F1

The Brawn car was hugely dominant in the first half of the season, with Button winning 6 of the first 7 races, but then it wasn't so dominant in the 2nd half with Button not winning any races, but he held on for the title.

I went for Jenson Button as well.

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