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Steven Thompson


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"The club Dundee United are furious saying the SFA acted disgracefully"

"we have not received any offer of compensation"

"We are a member club and deserve to be treated with a bit more respect"

"We have been treated shabbily"

- STEPHEN THOMPSON, Dundee United Chairman.

What a cheek this arsehole has after the stunt he pulled on our club with the ticket prices.

Hope his club and himself get fuck all and end up with a "Grade-A Shite" manager like Jimmy Caulderwod.

Is it just me or has karma kicked in?

That is all.

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I got a letter from them telling me I've nae chance o ma £25 back fae the original game against them.

I think I might jist copy and paste the text fae the 1st post here and e mail it back tae them tellin them they can keep ma £25...............................cos it looks like they may need it!

Now that wid be a great Krimmy Prezzy tae the twats.

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Can't see why he's complaining to be honest Dundee United are to be getting £500,000.

I'm sure there are managers currently looking for work who are better then Craig Levein.

Specky cunt.

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