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Eck urges Baz to ignore Scotland


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Birmingham boss Alex McLeish wants Barry Ferguson to turn his back on a Scotland recall - and concentrate on his club football.

Ferguson's ban by the Tartan Army will be lifted under new chief Craig Levein, but McLeish is pointing him towards carrying on his exile for his own sake.

McLeish is aware that the international door is open again for his midfield general but said: "Barry understands the demands of the Premier League, but it's up to him, it's his decision.

"It will be tough for him to combine international and Premier League football, especially at his age. He is at his peak and playing tremendously for us.

"I can't make Barry's decision for him, but I think he has to look at the example of Paul Scholes, who is being offered another contract by Sir Alex Ferguson at 36. Barry could take that as an example."

McLeish does not want much to rock the boat just now as his side puts together its best top-flight run since 1908. And he also hopes keeper Joe Hart will not attract too much attention either.

Hart has been a hero on loan from Manchester City and McLeish laughed: "I think he is only about the tenth best in the league - because we want a cheap deal.

"His form has been brilliant, he is a big powerful bloke between the sticks. He has improved since coming to us. We have just brought out his potential.

"Joe has got as good a chance as anyone with the England squad, I know Fabio Capello and his staff like that. His recent performances have shown he could be a credit."


Hope he never goes back to Scotland Baz, for the way he was hung out to dry.

Eck and Baz :spraise:

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if i was him i personally would tell them to shove it. While i wouldnt condone what he did in anyway i undertstand his reasons. The reaction and punishment didnt fit the crime imo. I think barry will go back just because he loves playing for his country and you cant fault the guy for that.

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Guest The Brown Brogue

Davie Weir gave up on Scotland but was welcomed back by the tartan army without much complaint, however I do wonder whether this would have been the case had he been a Rangers player at the time...

The trannies also hounded Gary McCallister to retirement yet were desperate for his return when he was playing well for Liverpool, he at least had the sense to tell them to ram it.

I guarantee that Ferguson, McGregor and Boyd will be booed should they ever play for Scotland again, and all three of them have been in sparkling form without the distraction of international football, so dont see any reason for any of them to put themselves through all that hassle.

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Baz should tell that traitor Eck to GTF

eck's a traitor? what's he done now?

If Eck was still manager he would be begging Bazza to play for Scotland. He is 2-faced at the very least

Eck is the manager of Birmingham City and will do what is best for that club.

Ferguson not featuring for Scotland is in Birmingham's best interests.

Where McLeish to be the Scotland manager he would want what is best for Scotland and that means Ferguson playing.

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