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A month of I saw... Alan Smith, Peter Lovenkrands, Robbie Fowler...

February can't come quick enough!

Some on here love all that soap opera will he wont he speculation - fair enough, as long as they're in their own wee play pen on the forum that's ok :D

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Hurrah! :party:

Why dont you go home, Why dont you go hooooome

Unfounded transfer speculation about Boydie, why dont you go home! (to that transfer bit) ;)

Already moved it mate. :sherlock:

No way in hell :craphead:

First thing I did after complaining about your comment that there won't be one, then realised you were taking the piss :lol:

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What about the, 'We are going to sign Michael Ballack Thread'

Well, go onto the relevant part of the forum and start one... :sherlock:

One Michael Ballack Thread (can't remember who it was who made it) is more than enough.

That Thread should have ended up in the archives.

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