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Heavy Rain

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Just finished the first wee section there. This game is going to be fantastic, like playing in a movie. A few glitches noticed, going out in garden and then ending up back in the house and getting rained on inside his house!

Looks like I wont be decorating the kitchen this weekend after all...!

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I've been playng this non stop since i got it tonight, getting a good bit through the game and i think its awesome, if your keen to try a new style of game then this is defo for you.

One of the most visually stunning games i've played and it just looks so life like, i cant even begin to tell you about the range of emotions you go through playing this game.

If it wasnt for 5s early doors tomoz, i'd still be playing.

It only crashed once on me, and as it autosaves u end up right back at the bit it crashed.

As i say though, awesome game.

The guys that are gettin bugs, did you download the update at the start?, not sure if it makes any difference but mine seemed smooth enough at the start etc.

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