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Any upload of the match yet ...?

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Aye, someone recorded the Rangerstv.tv stream, hopefully its the same again

hows your dad?

hope the result gave him a wee lift

Hes gutted about missing the game, I was just up seeing him when I got in. Posted in the Celtic thread too but hes doing alright, hes got a blood clot in his lung and is going to be on medication that helps get rid of it, hopefully he will be back home Tuesday or Wednesday...

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It's just highlights but better than nothing. I still have no idea how anyone can think Brown didn't deserve to go :S


Brown deserved to go alright, i just wish Laffs would make more of a man of himself, i constantly find myself cringing at his antics when fouled. He's right up there with that hardman Nuno Capucho :)
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