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Internet Radio For Bears Abroad

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If any overseas bears hav an iphone or a similar phone you can buy an app called 'wunder radio'. I live in glasgow but i bought this app so i could listen to the footy if im working on a saturday/sunday etc. It lets u listen to any number/hundreds of radio stations throughout the world. Ive got real radio, clyde 1&2 and radio scotland saved in my favourites as i only use it for the footy TBH. IIRC it cost me £2.99 and that was a one off payment(no monthly subscription), not a massive price to pay IMO. Obviously it works excellent if your iphone is connected to your home wi-fi, if not connected to wi-fi then it can have the odd stutter but as long as your signal is half decent it'll work fine. Hope this helps guys

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You're all very welcome lads, glad to help. :)

Should have actually mentioned this in the first post, but there's a site where you can get streaming video as well.


Different software is required, depending on the links. I haven't tried it all, but I've had reasonable success with sopcast and tvu. I've managed to watch quite a few scottish games for nothing :D

I'd like to offer a suggestion for the best way to listen to the radio on the internet. I use a program called vlc (www.videolan.org). Nice little program, and it's fully crossplatform, so it's available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

What I do is, I save each radio station as a playlist, and then I just double click on the playlist and vlc opens the stream automatically. (You have to first open the stream in vlc of course before you can save it!! ;) )

If anyone can suggest somewhere where I can upload, I'm happy to upload what I have.


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