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List of Flagicons templates


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below are the flagicons that have aready been uploaded and ready for use.if you come across any not yet done pm me and i will action asap.


Argentina = {{flagicon|ARG}}

Austria = {{flagicon|AUT}}

Australia = {{flagicon|AUS}}

Belguim = {{flagicon|BEL}}

Bermuda = {{flagicon|BMU}}

Bosnia and Herzegovina = {{flagicon|Bosnia}}

Brazil = {{flagicon|BRA}}

British Army={{flagicon|UK|army}}

British Columbia = {{flagicon|British Columbia}}

Bulgaria = {{flagicon|BUL}}

Cameroon = {{flagicon|CMR}}

Canada = {{flagicon|CAN}}

Chile = {{flagicon|CHI}}

China = {{flagicon|CHN}}

Cote d'Ivoire={{flagicon|CIV}}

Croatia = {{flagicon|CRO}}

Czech Republic = {{flagicon|CZE}}

Cyprus = {{flagicon|CYP}}

Denmark = {{flagicon|DEN}}

DR Congo = {{flagicon|COD}}

East Germany = {{flagicon|GDR}}

England = {{flagicon|ENG}}


Faroe Islands = {{flagicon|FRO}}

Finland = {{flagicon|FIN}}

France = {{flagicon|FRA}}


Georgia = {{flagicon|GEO}}

Germany = {{flagicon|GER}}

Greece = {{flagicon|GRE}}

Honduras {{flagicon|HON}}



Iraq = {{flagicon|IRQ}}

Ireland = {{flagicon|IRL}}

Israel = {{flagicon|ISR}}

Italy = {{flagicon|ITA}}

Jamaica = {{flagicon|Jam}}

Kuwait= {{flagicon|KUW}}



Lithuania = {{flagicon|LIT}}

Macedonia = {{flagicon|MKD}}

Malta = {{flagicon|MLT}}


Montenegro = {{flagicon|MNE}}

Morocco = {{flagicon|MAR}}

Netherlands = {{flagicon|NED}}

New Zealand = {{flagicon|NZL}}

Nigeria = {{flagicon|NGA}}

N Ireland = {{flagicon|NIR}}

Norway = {{flagicon|NOR}}

Poland = {{flagicon|POL}}

Portugal = {{flagicon|POR}}

Romania = {{flagicon|ROM}}

Russia = {{flagicon|RUS}}

Scotland = {{flagicon|SCO}}


Serbia = {{flagicon|SRB}}

Singapore = {{flagicon|SIN}}

Slovakia = {{flagicon|SVK}}

Slovenia= {{flagicon|SLO}}

South Africa = {{flagicon|RSA}}

Spain = {{flagicon|ESP}}

Sweden = {{flagicon|SWE}}

Switzerland = {{flagicon|CHE}}

Trinidad & Tobago = {{flagicon|TRI}}

Tunisia = {{flagicon|TUN}}

Turkey = {{flagicon|TUR}}

Ukraine = {{flagicon|UKR}}

United Arab Emirates = {{flagicon|UAE}}

United Kingdom = {{flagicon|UK}}

Uruguay = {{flagicon|URU}}

Usa ={{flagicon|USA}}

Wales = {{flagicon|WAL}}

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I've been doing the flags for all the players as I've been doing their profiles. All the A, B, C, E, I, O, Q, V, W, Y and Z players have had theirs done and just need extra content like text, extra images and videos put in. Currently working my way through the alphabet and trying to do about 5 a day, but not all the players have been put in the list for all the letters, particularly M.

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