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Why did we not have strikers on ?


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are you a half wit. the season is over !

the league is over or are we going to lose every game from here in ?

we only had the cup left to win and we didn`t even make half an effort to win it tonight.

no reason to leave boyd and miller on the bench . pish team selection.

The league is over ! we are champions !

we also blew this big time.we should have hammered the nail`s right into there coffin !

the tims knew the league was over . they get humped by st mirren and are probably even bigger favs to win the scottish cup now.

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Once again the penchant for playing a lone striker has cost us a game,cost us the treble.Ijust hope that finally the penny might drop and Walter will give up on this system especially in the spl, we do not have the players for this system even when we are at full strength.

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