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The treble is off.


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What mong put Little and Fleck on ahead of Boyd and Miller? Sack them now!!

Even look at the fucking possession, 57% Dundee 43% Rangers. Absolute digrace. They have 8 corners compared to our 1... wtf!?

What a waste.

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I am not saying sack them as for one fuck up today with certian players getting a nod... ahead of others does not merrit a sacking for what walter & co. have done for gers still love them just cant figure out some of the players playing tonight..... Rangers we still love u & 2 cups are better then NONE

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Losing twice in our 39 domestic games? Its a joke. We are only 10 points ahead with two games in hand - thats just not good enough. Winning the CIS Cup? Its a total disgrace.

They should have been sacked long ago.

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how can he be sacked?, were going into the champions league next year to get humped again

were going to play dross football again next year

fuck ally might even take over so we can look forward to more of the same

no......how can we sack the manager? dont be daft!!!


fuck sake, my opinion of him has not changed

a club legend, but a man who can take us no further, again.

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We're fuckin champions and cunts are taking issu

I guess yer all under 30 and don't have a clue about what it is really like to be the dominant side?

Treble is nice but it's hardly the benchmark

You win the league.

You dominate Timbo

That is all that matters.

All else is nice

The above is ESSENTIAL

I for one will enjoy the next few days celebration


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