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A thread for the RM worry merchants..


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Now although I've already posted that in the grand scheme of things, tonight may NOT be seen as a total disaster, some things are worrying me.

Team selection - what the fuck?!

Attitude - where was it? Dundee United really wanted that, we didn't seem that keen.

Form - when will it get better? We all thought the last Dundee United game would give them a rocket, but no. We all then thought the St Mirren game would do it, but no. Will tonight?

I really hope it is just a lack of form and not burn out, the last few performances have been very tired looking and away at Hearts and St Johnstone next are going to be fucking murder if we don't hurry up and improve.

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Form wise it's only going to get worse, as the season comes to a end.

Walter and co have a massive job in their hands, as squad rotation comes more into play. We seem to forget that a good few of our players that are coming in have one eye on the World cup and future moves, and that's not to mention whats going on in the background regarding takeovers.

So those 50/50 challenges and putting in 100% will slowly start to decline.

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