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Mo Edu interview; on Davie Weir, that goal & being a rangers player


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Mar 27 2010 Neil Cameron

Maurice Edu watched in astonishment as a working-class black man with a Muslim sounding name became president of his country.

But while the rise of Barack Obama stunned this exiled American it's nothing compared to the miracle he sees every day he works beside David Weir.

It seems anyone can become leader of the free world. Old geezers, however, aren't supposed to be the best footballer in the country.

Edu, 16 years his captain's junior, can't believe the manner in which Weir has played every minute of every league game this season.

Or the fact he never misses training and nobody works harder at Murray Park.

It's not what guys pushing 40 are supposed to do. It's a feat many 20-somethings can't even match.

In an exclusive interview at the club's training ground this week Edu spoke in glowing terms to Record Sport about Weir, who he believes has a few more seasons left in him.

The USA might be the land where anything can happen but there aren't many sports stars of similar vintage still competing at the highest level.

Edu said: "Davie, gee, what can I say about him? He is unreal. The guy is a freak of nature.

"The fact he has played every second of the season is actually a joke. He'll probably win Player of the Year as well and he'd deserve it.

"What a true professional he is. Davie comes in every morning, wanders off to the gym to do his own bits and pieces, goes out training, then afterwards he's back doing his own thing just so he's right.

"All us younger guys can't help but look up to him. It would be foolish not to watch and copy him. He is just tremendous. I'm laughing here thinking of him not missing a game all season.

"In America we have very few sports stars who can go on until 40.

There are one or two pitchers in baseball but it's just unheard of in football or most other sports.

"I have seen a few goalkeepers do this but for a defender to keep going, winning headers, getting stuck into tackles, is amazing. I believe he could play for a couple more years.

"I watch him now and he's doing exactly the same things as he did last season. Why not go on?"

If Weir is quite rightly viewed as a Rangers legend, Edu is a cult hero with the supporters. This popularity was difficult to comprehend until the 93rd minute of the last Old Firm game when Edu scored THAT goal.

He said: "I have been trying to stay low key ever since. I haven't been out and about much at all.

"But when I do bump into fans there has been a big difference in their reaction. They always want to talk about the goal against Celtic.

"It's the highlight of my time at Rangers - the best goal of my career.

"When I'm old and grey I can look back and say I scored a last-minute winner in an Old Firm game for Rangers. That's pretty special.

"I have watched it again a few times and it's brilliant to see the manager and coaches' reaction. I didn't see any of this because I had half the team lying on me.

"The fans have been great since day one. They opened up and embraced me.

"First time they really saw me was at Parkhead last season for the first Old Firm game. I was warming up in front of our fans and they started singing the song they have for me.

"This was my first experience of Scottish football, the biggest match, and these supporters who I didn't know much about were chanting my name. I thought, 'Hello, this must be Scotland'.

"From then on it's been great. They stuck by me when I was injured and having a difficult time. That was really appreciated."

Edu is a cheery big guy who seems as if he wouldn't have a enemy in the world. But being a famous Old Firm player does have a downside.

He's been racially abused in public by Gers fans - after the 4-1 Champions League thrashing by Unirea Urziceni - and his private life hasn't been 100 per cent private.

This is something any high-profile footballer has to live with and Edu hasn't found it easy to deal with.

He said: "You get a lot of attention being a Rangers player. I suppose being a 6ft-plus black guy in Glasgow does make me stand out a bit more.

"There are good points and a few bad ones. I try to operate under the radar. There might be some negatives but I'm doing the job I love so who am I to complain? I love playing at such a massive club.

"There is fame and stuff that comes with it which can be good as well but that's not too important. Playing in big stadiums and the Champions League, that's why I do this.

"I'm a positive person who enjoys life. But I won't lie to you, the injury was hard to take. There were times I didn't want to talk to anyone.

"I'm fit and ready now. I'm doing what I love so why not enjoy life."

And one thing Edu really enjoys is winning medals.

He said: "I wanted to play European football and win things. It's worked out perfectly.

"When I stop playing I want to be able to show people my medals. That's why I'm at Rangers. "

Just shows the esteem Davie is held in at Ibrox and at Murray Park and also good to see Maurice very happy here.

http://www.<No links to this website>/football/spl/rangers/2010/03/27/david-weir-is-a-freak-of-nature-and-a-true-professional-says-maurice-edu-86908-22141900/

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Edu has a great attitude, really hope he will be with us for a long time. Fantastic player as well obviously. If Davie does hang up his boots at the end of the season, I do hope he takes up some sort of coaching role. I can see him being the manager one day.

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