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Rotten Slags SPL

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Hey Jerome.

Breaking News: Get tae fuck. You're shite.

Actually, I had huge hopes when we signed him. I pictured Boydy getting 50 goals with some of the crosses this guy can deliver. But sadly -- really -- his attitude was absolute shite. One of those that probably figured they'd walk the SPL. Well Jerry -- just like WWII mate, you just fucking rolled over.

Pathetic excuse for a professional footballer.

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He was horrendous. Like most people, I was excited when I heard he was coming for the season, but he was utter shite in every game. He can stay in Turkey cos he's certainly not wanted here, or in France by the sounds of it.

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The Turkcell Super Lig is hardly the greatest league going either - total football my arse.

Gala, Besiktas, Fenerbahce, and Trabzonspor are not what they used to be, and from 6th place to 18th, the teams are brutal. Ankaraguca, they are a good club aye ;)

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