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Rangers book The Complete Record


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Does anyone on this forum have the aforementioned Rangers book? If so could you tell me what the name of the cup tourselves and Arsenal contested in '89.

I got some usefull info from you guys before which I very much appreciate. However I didnt get the exact name of the cup and I believe it says the name of it on that book.

Any help appreciated.

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Thank's for taking the time to reply.

There was already a competition in England at the time called the Zenith Data Systems Cup - see here My link, so I'd imagine the cup that was contested officially wasn't called that. Although according to the RSSSF (a Football statistic site) it is also called the Zenith Data Systems Cup - see here My link.

According to the BFI Film & TV Database (the game was shown on TV), it was called British Champions Cup. My link

:unsure: Although the game is referred to by the name's above I dont think any of them is the official title. I think the sponsor's name was on it though meaning it was called 'Zenith Data Systems.......'.

I heard the name of it before but I forget what twas :blush:doh

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