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One arse winder, 2 deflections


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i made a horror trip to perth last night of missed buses, last minute boozeless trains etc and was then served up the worst gers defeat i have ever witnessed.

but in the end on the way home i shared a few beers and some laughs at how the result nearly made me depressed. here we are, with a team of average players, no cash and no one wanting to own us... but we are still 10 clear with a home game in hand, have hamilton at home on saturday, have a fantastic cup victory in our bag already and almost best of all, the timmy in a complete riotess mess over at paedohead.

last night was tough, we didnt play well but 4-1 was not anywhere near a reflection of that game. one arse winder that cillian murphy mctaig sheridan will never score again (guaraneteed) and TWO awful deflections put us in a position in an already difficult away game were there tails were up and we were chasing it. had they not got their second ridiculous deflection of the match i am positive the boys would have at least got a draw.

so everyone, cheer the fuck up!!! if we lose the next two games and the tims win in scumburgh, then start to wet yourself a little!


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mate since I got up this morning all I have done is worry about throwing it away.

I just feel the lack of fight the players showed, might mean the are almost running on empty. I hope not but thats my fear. It also doesn't help that some players are all ready on their holidays, n think the spl is won alot, of hard work ahead before we can win this spl. (tu)

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