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Could the Dundee Utd game ..

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but if Septic win and we win at Tannadice it's still 1 game left to win.

That's correct, Jordan. We would be 13pts ahead so to win it at Tannadice, we have to win, naturally and hope Motherwell get a draw or a win against Conspiracy FC. A draw for them and a win for us would leave us 15pts ahead with 5 games to play.With a goal difference of 25 it would take a disaster of Biblical proportions for them to overtake us even if we lost all 5 games after the split.....which we won't do of course.

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Would anyone take getting beat by Utd next week if the beggars lose on Tuesday so they go 2 points behind them and still have to take them at Tannadice....

Wouldn't it be good to see those bastards fall into 3rd as we win the league at the giro dome

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