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Xbox 360 RM Fifa Cup


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Haha cheers Braggy, much appreciated ;)

so..... lets get some names down. Names + gamertags please who is interested in playing in the Xbox 360 Fifa 10 cup?

Players so far:

Jonnyboyrfc: JoNnY11011

ScottEastEnclosure: Chum Chum Scott

StuPollock W.A.T.P: StuPollock WATP

Bonnissel: NoSurrender1992

Jordo1: JordanG RFC 1

AndyRfc: Andy B RFC

BroadfootsExplodingEgg: KevinKealy

RFCanada12: RFC12

andymc1972: o0I ANDY I0o

Vee: Veeeeeeeeeeeee

ukdude: II Bilko II

Ayr_True_Blue: David Harveyyy

callumcraig: CallumCraigRfc

Jiggaman88: Deathrow1988

MuirhouseBear: meiklerfc

ScottBogle: II BoG3Zz II

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StuPollock WATP - Gamertag :wink:

your gamertag is Gamertag? :lol: :lol: :lol:

No thats my gamertag haha :lol:

My user name on here ahs spaces between the WATP

hahaha oh right doh doh doh

to be honest GamerTag would be a helfy gamertag :craphead:

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BroadfootsExplodingEgg - KevinKealy :) Whens this getting played?

I'll see what numbers we get during today and if we get a nice number like 16 or so we will stop it at that and arrange teams, match draws, dates etc.

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Any more takers?

ma mates gonnae put his name in when he gets back from work ;) i dont have a clue what his username is on this but :lol:

Disgrace Jordo :lol: ukdude - IIbilkoII - gamertag

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If im not too late.......


Gamertag- Veeeeeeeeeeeee

(its 14 letters just put in V then hold e till it reaches its maximum and delete one e :wink:

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