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Jailbreaking Ipod Touch.


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Anyone ever done it? What are the risks? Is the new software easy to install? Are games easy to install?

If it goes wrong is it easy to reset to factory settings? :(

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dont know about the touch, but ive had my phone jailbroke for about a year

i believe you can restore it by installing the OS through itunes again, im using 3.1.2 cause i found that easier to jailbreak (more tutorials)

i got my phone already jailbroken but ive since hd to do it myself, done a few of my mates as well and everyones works like a dream

the downloads you can then get through the "cydia" app are not bad, good to personalise your phone, ive never downloaded any games on it though

i use either the appstore (freebies) or installous (paid apps for free) to download games

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I've jailbroken my iPhone, my iPod touches and lots of my friends' iPods too.

Basically if you have the newest iPod Touch (3rd gen) then you'll have to wait for a jailbreak to come out, as the hackers are still trying to find a hole in it. You need to have one of the two older ones.

Remember that jailbreaking restores your iPod to factory settings but with the jailbreak enabled, so you have to make sure you have all your paid apps backed up to your computer.

Its actually really easy to jailbreak, especially with the new 3.1.2 firmware. Heres a link for you to look at:


Plus theres a guy on youtube called tysiphonehelp who takes you through the jailbreaking process.

There are no risks really, as if anything goes wrong (very unlikely - you would have to unplug your iPod while doing it to fuck it up) you can still restore it to factory settings. Software is very easy to install, as are games.

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