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Ticket Section - New Procedure

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Ok, i understand a few of you have had some concerns in recent days about this section and some good ideas have cropped up about how to change things for the better.

So with that in mind i have created a new usergroup called "Blackist" which is the same as most of the other groups with the one difference being that they cannot see this section. Members who have proved to be unreliable with buying or selling tickets will go into this group.

With regards to creating threads i don't feel it is appropriate to have one big thread for each match as things can become cluttered and requests and offers can become lost amongst the general discussion. So from now on when you create a thread you must state in the title what the purpose of the thread us by using:

  • Offered
  • Wanted
  • Discussion

That lets everyone know what the thread consists of before they open it. Once the thread has served its purpose or the game passes then it will be locked.

Hopefully this makes things easier, feel free to PM me should you have any queries.



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