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If Brown/Cameron/Clegg was Rangers Gaffer...


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Brown in for Walter...

Any player that fails to break into the first team within one year, will receive

a council house and tax credits. He will then leave and place a serial killer, on parole, as manager

as part of the tax-funded 'F.undamental U.tilisation of C.onvicted K.illers.

(Goodbye Balanced Cashflow System)


Cameron for Walter...

Cameron leaves Rangers immediately for a multi-million contract at Man City.

No more foreign players will be transferred to the club, however any

foreign player currently at the club will be transfer-listed immediately.

(Goodbye Man City)

or even worse..

Clegg for Walter...

A plan to reform the squad, bringing in a decent amount of foreign stars and local

stars such as 'Messi' and 'Goodwilly' will be planned. However, nothing will actually happen.

(Hello Celtic's Business Strategy)

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