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Yet more pish from Glenn Ghibbons


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Utterly ridiculous article in the Observer, just shows how bitter they are that any straw they can clutch at they will. Basivally saying Smith will quit based on his recent public utterances of discontent. Utter pish just read this and you'll see what I mean.


If behavioural changes are certain indicators of imminent upheaval, it seems legitimate to infer that Walter Smith is on the final approach to his departure from Rangers. Normally diffident and self-effacing to a fault, but a force of nature when roused, the veteran manager in the past few months has been demonstrating an uncommon readiness to involve himself in public controversy, aiming at a range of targets that include match officials, the SPL and even the agitators among his club's own fans.

Some of Smith's pronouncements have been so uncharacteristic – demanding an end to the league's notorious split and a revolutionary return to an 18-team top division, as a result of Rangers being ordered to play three successive away matches, would be a prime example – that they could easily be interpreted by detached observers as mischief-making. His own supporters, of course, acclaim him as their champion against a hostile establishment.

His displeasure with the SPL even took the form of a fan-like tirade when he produced data from the past 10 years – the length of time the split has been in place – to "prove" that, in compiling the schedule for the last five fixtures each season, the authorities have deliberately lumbered Rangers with a raw deal. In stating his case, Smith insisted Celtic had been favoured, this reference to his club's fiercest rivals by name a rare enough violation of Old Firm protocol to suggest that Smith is no longer concerned with any acrimonious consequences.

It may even be significant that he told media representatives the other day of his conviction that Ally McCoist has completed his apprenticeship and is as ready as he will ever be to occupy the managerial chair at Ibrox. Since the celebrated former striker will be 48 in a few months' time – an age by which Jock Stein and Alex Ferguson had long since produced optimum work, including success in Europe – it would have been something of a shock to discover that he remains indentured.

Still, the reference to McCoist could be interpreted as another hint of Smith's forthcoming retirement. He seemed to top even that on Friday, however, when he gave a disdainful nod in the direction of those Rangers followers who had demonstrated earlier in the season against the way in which the club was being run.

Their disenchantment was largely directed at the owner/chairman, Sir David Murray, when the extent of the club's financial distress became public and was followed by Smith's revelation that Rangers were being run by the Lloyds banking group.

But the manager clearly felt personally slighted and demonstrated atypical self-praise when, discussing the very likely possibility of his team clinching their second successive title against Hibs at Easter Road this afternoon, he said: "If we do win the title, that will make six trophies and a European final in three years. That's quite a good answer to the 'We deserve better' campaign."

Rangers, indeed, could be champions even before they take to the field in Edinburgh. Celtic will have completed their lunchtime match away to Dundee United by the time Smith's side start at 2.30 and, if Neil Lennon's team have failed to win, the successful defence will be official.

There seems little doubt that the uncertainty over Rangers' future – a serious level of debt has left them looking for a buyer or redeemer, who, so far, has failed to materialise – will have contributed to Smith's misgivings about continuing his tenure.

The last clue to his possible intentions – his confirmation that this championship may be more satisfying than his previous seven because it will have been achieved under an economic handicap – suggests that he considers this would be an appropriate high on which to take his leave.

He has no personal concerns, since he is wealthy enough to be immune to hardship, but the annual demands of maintaining excellence without the purchasing power to strengthen could cause him to conclude that, at the age of 62, he no longer needs, or cares for, the hassle

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The way journalists twist and distort the truth is sickening. Then again what more can you expect, its obvious this Ghibbon is still hurting over the exit of his Monkeyheaded cousin.

Penny just dropped with what you said there mate, read it earlier and thought nothing of it! :lol:

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