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Clubs (XBOX 360)


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just wondering if anyone would be up for starting one, i had one with a few friends but werent very good.

if you are leave your name and we can see with numbers and shit.

Team So Far:







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its just like playing be a pro mate. you control your own we virtual pro and we vs other people who use there virtual pro. u pick the strip you want to use e.g rangers, but you dont get the real players, you get random players who are mostly just average players so its fair for everyone. and every month there is a new leaderboard and the more points you get from winning the higher you go, you need to try and get in the top 100. highest i got was like 78. but my friends realy suck hahaha.

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o0o0o0o Fog has both :craphead: we dont like PS3'rs hahaha joking mate.

if use all want to play then im up for it, just give it a few games & if people still want to play then we will keep playing.

Was just going to call us RangersMedia and go rangers. im sure the muddleboard is on the xbox one. so as long as we get higher than them im happy haha.

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