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Boston Welcomes The Sellick and Villifies The 'Big Bad Proddies'


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The Archdiocese of Boston threw it's arms open to the prospect of the arrival of Thousands of abused pseudo-Irish wannabees.

Cardinal O'Feelme said " I think it's a fantastic opportunity for us to distract ourselves from the current scandal surrounding the Church,talk about the Old Country and get lathered up in the shower with great Bhoys who obviously need a good soaping. All the while Demonising Some innocent prods, who we know will get scapegoated for any shit that goes down"

" and what's more, you can quote me on that as it will just get denied at a later date!"


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Boston? I'm positive that's that place where those two priests live, Father Kevin Fitzpatrick and

Father Patrick Fitzanyboy.:blush::sherlock:

corrected that for you :sherlock:

Thanks mate!:cheers:

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