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New Celtic Manager Rumour


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That rumour is Willie McStay.

One of the guys i work beside, he knows McStay's father and he has said that Willie has had 3 or 4 meeting with Liewell already about this.

Also, my colleague, his boy plays for a top 6 SPL team ans therefore knows a few of the Celtic squad and he has also stated that McStay is odds-on for the job now.

I would never post rumours about Rangers but with Celtic, don't care if i get them wrong .. but my colleague was pretty certain.

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McStay was put out to Hunfary to manage a team there, part of some deal.

He got them to 2nd in the league and plying pretty good football, However, there was some financial problems with not paying players so he left.

From what i hear, Lennon has NO coaching badges at all but McStay has his Scottish, British & Europen qualifications required to manage a top flight team.

As i said, it is only a rumour but they guy telling me was fairly certain due to his contact i.e. McStay's father.

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More than a few of the mutants thinks it's a good move cos 'it's fae the boot room an that like eh Liverpool done'

Deluded as fuck.

It's like us givin the job to Alan Kernaghan!!

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