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John Higgins -- the cheat

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MILLIONAIRE World Snooker champion John Higgins is captured here on camera shaking hands on a disgraceful deal to fix a string of high-profile matches after demanding a £300,000 kickback.

The scandal will cast a dark shadow over the final of this year's championship which starts today and disgust the millions of fans tuning into the BBC to watch their sporting idols.

After 34-year-old Higgins' shock defeat in the tournament at the hands of veteran Steve Davis, he flew to the Ukrainian capital of Kiev and in a meeting with undercover News of the World investigators on Friday shamelessly:

AGREED to deliberately LOSE frames in four matches so that illegal gambling syndicates could clean up.

HAGGLED over the best ways to cover up the bribe - finally settled at Euro 300,000 (£261,000).

BRAGGED it was "easy" to fool fans into believing they were watching genuine snooker action.

Astonishingly, the entire deal was set up and agreed with Higgins' agent Pat Mooney, a board memeber of the World Professional Snooker and Billiards Association and one of the sport's top four officials charged with POLICING the game.

At first, Greedy Mooney and Higgins saw the chance of making a legal fortune out of our team, who were posing as businessmen interested in organising a series of events linked to the World Snooker Series - effectively a European Tour of snooker.


There's loads more in the link, including the video.

who wants to mention he's a die hard C*ltic fan? :BELM:

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I must admit I am shocked even tho he is a Tim I have meet n spoke to him plenty of times and he was a really nice guy, I didnt think he was like that, maybe thats why he got pumped of davis in the wsc lol :lol:(tu)

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