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Rangers recieve flowers from opponents

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thanks for posting that BP9 ive just showed it too my dad who told me he was at the match with his dad

he also said he thinks that dynamo started the second half with 12 players before 1 had to go off

can anyone confirm this

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A few times I also saw kids getting onto the park wearing their strip and handing flowers to a Rangers player, no doubt "urged" on by their father. One I remember getting it was Bobby Shearer, the police would have them in jail now!

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Rangers Vs Moscow Dynamo 1945

Was surfing and came across pathe news site some interestiing stuff on there anyway saw this clip - struck by the fact the Dynamo players brought FLOWERS for for the Rangers players. Do you think that will happen on Tuesday night!?

Yes i heard they are going to present the Rangers team with orange lilys before the start of the game. :)

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