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Just want to enquire and at the same time put my thoughts out there.

I felt that when this was being set up last year it was a very worthwhile exercise and i, like many, were hoping that someone would sit up and take note in the Ibrox corridors of power that the fans had a well structured and viable voice in the form of this very well put together document. Now, unless i've missed it somewhere along the line, there has been very little mention of it this season(maybe admin/Frankie could correct me on this) but even though it was born out of our frustrations as fans about how our club was being run i would hope that, just because since its inception we have been successful, that this has not been swept to one side. While i can accept that the current situation we find ourselves in regarding takeover/lack of finance, could potentially hinder investment that was required to action some of the points, there were issues within the report that just required a change of habit and required no money, just a step change in thinking from Bain and the board.

However in the light of a possible takeover in the offing(and i do stress possible!!) would this not be the time to put this back on the agenda as the points raised at the time are still relevent now.. ie:youth set up/scouting/marketing etc...

Anyone else had any thoughts on this??

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I think that the response from the club was to ask for it to be done through the Assembly. There was a meeting chaired by the Assembly at the start of the season and there were representatives from various websites in attendance, including RM.

The Assembly undertook to move things along, but things have not moved forward. I presume that with AJ taking over as Chairman and the club up for sale, it would be a good reason for the club to stall.

It would certainly be good to see the Assembly follow up on their promises from that meeting, but, as far as I am aware, there has been nothing.

I'm sure Frankie could give more detail, but it's something that could be followed up early next season if the future of the club has settled down.

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