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Alastair Johnston skeptical about Ellis deal

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Ellis has sort of commented on AJ's attack, going to be a case of wait and see it seems.

Ellis's spokesman, David Gilmour, today refused to respond to Johnston's comments, stating: "There will be an indication in the next few days – apart from that, I am not allowed to comment."


Ellis' spokesman is not allowed to comment but if you read FF, the attention seeking fantasist NorthamptonLoyalist has been on the phone to him again laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gifboogie.png

Why dont you, for the good people of RM, copy the post that I put up in here. The one that was up 2 hours ago, contradicted 100% AJ and has just a few minutes ago been 100% corroborated by Ellis in the sporting life article. THAT fantasy. Great wee crystal ball I have there, dont you think?

This post is EXACTLY the reason I dont put the news up here anymore.

Do you one ring sting him? ph34r.gif

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