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Alan Wake


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Anybody else played this ?

It is a bit of a brain fuck game. Quality though

Here's the plot

Alan Wake, a bestselling crime fiction author who hasn't managed to write anything in over two years, and his wife, Alice, go to the idyllic small town of Bright Falls to recover his creative flow. They are greeted by the friendly townsfolk before driving to their house in the middle of Cauldron Lake. After an altercation with Alice, Alan leaves the house, knowing that she will not follow him as she has a fear of the dark. Upon hearing screaming, Alan runs back into the house only to find that Alice has fallen into the lake. He dives in after her. Suddenly, Alan wakes up in a car, his head bleeding. He heads towards the nearest gas station after being attacked by the Taken, people from Bright Falls that have been taken over by the Dark Presence. When he arrives, by seeing a festival advertisement he realizes it's been a week since he jumped in the lake after Alice. He calls for the police, and when he says that his wife is missing and they lived in the house on Cauldron Lake, Sheriff Sarah Breaker informs him that there is no house in Cauldron Lake, not since the 1970s. They drive past it and, much to Alan's horror, she's right.

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Guest SandyIniesta-Nordahl

RDR is where it's at :sherlock:

Messi looks as if he is getting sucked off in your Sig :lol:

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