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"The Gent" aka Andrew from Black Heath or Cleo "The Boot"

How do these pair manage to get ten/fifteen minutes of airtime between them every week?

They ramble on like a pair of idiots before normally asking a question about some obscure player that they have obviously looked up on Google just to try and get on.

So listeners, what I'm basically asking is which one grinds your gears more? :pipe:

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Guest SandyIniesta-Nordahl

" The Gent " takes about 5 minutes to ask a question, while indulging in some shitey banter with Dotun.

He clearly, as you said, looks up some random South American player to sound good :lol:

Also the programme would be better with The Legendinho and Top Brass on their own, Dotun sounds like he needs to blow his nose :lol:

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Why has the last 2 weeks just randomly cut out after about 50 minutes <cr>

I prefer Football Weekly and The Football Ramble is hilarious.

I've listened to The Football Ramble a few times and I hated it.

It just sounded like a bunch if immature teenagers all trying to shout the loudest so their point is heard.

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