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Jimmy Calderwood quits as Kilmarnock manager

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Jimmy Calderwood last night walked away from Kilmarnock because of unacceptable budget cuts - and a threat to axe coach Sandy Clark.

The ex-Aberdeen boss, who saved the Rugby Park men from the drop, told chairman Michael Johnston he was quitting the post as it was impossible to take the club forward.

Faced with mounting debt, Johnston drew up severe financial restrictions to come into force this summer, including the sale of Killie's best players and a reduction in the Ayrshire club's management team.

Calderwood said: "In the end it was an easy decision to reach because I couldn't fulfil my ambitions under these financial limitations or meet the fans' expectations.

"It was always going to be a tall order to progress but I had considered staying on because the players are a great bunch and the support is so positive.

"The next gaffer will find out for himself how difficult the task will be .

"We had done a lot of work identifying new players both in England and Holland who would definitely improve the quality of the team.

"We were well down that road and they wouldn't have cost anything in transfers. Their wages were reasonable but even so they were still outwith the scale that Killie could afford.

"The chairman wanted to axe one of my staff to save money. That was never going to happen because Jimmy Nicholl, Sandy Clark and me are a team.

"I realise there's a need to cut costs but there are other ways to do it apart from getting rid of these guys.

"If the budget had stayed intact it was possible to have a team which would not have been involved in a relegation battle next season."

Kilmarnock are expected to announce their new boss early this week.

http://www.<No links to this website>/football/spl/2010/05/31/jimmy-calderwood-quits-as-kilmarnock-manager-over-rugby-park-budget-cuts-86908-22298624/

Good on you Jimmy,i fucking hate Kilmarnock,hopefully they will go down this year.

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Got a lot of time and respect for the two Jimmy's . The win for Killie over Celtc in Keanes much hyped debut was one of the highlights of the season for Bears fans as well as the Killie support and they done very well to keep the Ayrshire club in the SPL.

2 good Rangers men at heart so I wish them well.

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I can see the point of what Jimmy is saying and I don't blame him for walking away.Why put your reputation on the line when you know that by cutting the budget, all you are in for is a relegation battle,plus lose your assistant that you trust....doh

I can also see the point of the Killie Chairman if he has worked it out that keeping the budget at what it was would send the club bankrupt and out of business.

Let's face it, you see a Killie game against anybody else other than us or the Tic and there's about 3 men and a dug watching at.Even when we come to town, the ground is still near half empty because no Killie fans turn up.

It's called being stuck between a rock and a fucking bigger rock, if you are the chairman of Killie....But then again, it's like that at most grounds in the SPL.:anguish:

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Killie don't deserve JC and his team, and they are rapidly heading for part-time status, and a major drop down through the leagues in the next 3/4 years.

The fans are never happy, and always going on about getting "Killie-minded" folk into the club. FFS there can't be that many fit that description going around when you see how empty their ground is when they play at home.

Apparently their Chairman isn't the nicest of people to work for.

Good enough for them.

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