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So what he was a n***er feck your PC shite its growing old and getting boring now.

Labour have been put out no need for the PC shite anymore.

Racist Bastard. You say the say about Edu, Beasley, Darcheville, etc.

Naw just making a point about the Politcal Correct shite that makes no sense really because yet again a black person can call themselfs n***er and we can't go fuck yourself twat.

Haha, go call big Marv that to his face!! You'd be melted within seconds. Anyway, you've ruined the thread, and about to be banned!! Go back to Kerryfail St

:lol: naw i'm not i was only highlighting a example for a PC statement if you don't like it i think you need to read it again honestly.

No, I dont like racism.

I blame the parents, however, id hate to imagine what pair brought this into the world.

I'm not being racist stupid your the one being racist for even considering that

I was just giving an example to what PC is and saying its the biggest load of crap don't be stupid.

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Naw i'm not a bum bandit do you love MEL.

You appear to have a fascination with the man, and in a rage in regards to your sexuality....

Well your the one talking about your sexuality just like all you hand wringers, however i think im going for a gay orgy with my Tim pals :rolleyes:

Its probably your wish patter!! Cheerio!

even that peado concealer in your avatar is facilitating child abuse

i it like avatar photo == poster

Yawn fucking Yawn!! If you dont like it, then away pump yer sister!

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