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Chris Eagles - MultiMerge Thread

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Sounds a lot more positive than what we were expecting, but if Sunderland and Bolton are after him they would be able to pay Eagles a lot more in wages than what we can!

I don't like quotes from an insider without names being mentioned, but are fans views of KT now going to be changed about selling him or not? Apparently (if that report is true) he was wanting more than our wage cap.

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Id be astonished if Eagles was currently on less than £17K a week, our apparent wage ceiling.

The article says he has had to take a substantial pay cut due to relegation, Burnley aren't exactly a huge club and their wage structure especially for the Championship might be less than ours.

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A Rangers insider revealed: “Thomson was entering the final year of his contract and the money he was looking for to commit to a new contract was more than Rangers could offer him so it made sense to sell him.

“Plus, the manager is pretty well off for midfielders who can play in the middle of the park and if this now allows him to land someone like Eagles, who started off at Manchester United and has played in the English Premier League, then it is good business.”

Who is this Rangers insider?

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Can't see us signing him. Can't see us signing anyone though :(

Handy story released by Martin Bain on the day we sell "future captain" Thomson for next to fuck all. Go back to sleep Bears, go back to sleep. Although not before shelling out for a new replica top, a season ticket and CL package. Don't worry though - we also had the annual "Kids are ready to step up" story today as well.

It's a good job im so thick and gullible otherwise i'd think i was getting the piss ripped right out of me. doh

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I like both players but i have no idea why Smith has to get rid of Kevin we already have the funds for eagles (who will be a great player IF he comes to ibrox) unless they are planning to swoop for a new striker aswell maybe Welcome or some unkown player?????????????? point is why sell Kev???? we have a transfer kitty

Have you spoke to someone at the club. Since when was it confirmed we did have a transfer kitty <cr>

"We would love to go out and sign the Laudrups and the Gascoignes, but we can't do that.

We have come out of a difficult period - although we are not completely out of it yet - and we could be on an up curve as long as we don't create too much in terms of expectation

"In saying that, we have a certain amount of money to spend and now it's up to Walter and me to spend that money as wisely as we can.

"We have agreed with Lloyds that we can spend some of the Champions League income and we also hope to maintain wage levels as they currently stand and reinvest any transfer proceeds that we might have."

Martin Bain 26/5/2010

I hate when people say "How do you know we have a transfer budget", whether we do or not is something we don't know right now, but the point is we were told we did, and if we don't, then it's yet another lie.

As I said, ive never seen this quote before and haven't been paying much attention the club football or the financial troubles during the WC..

Em, the date on it was a few weeks before the World Cup....

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£1.1 million bid apparently been launched?? or is that more shite rumours?

There's not a chance in hell that he'll leave Burnley for anything less than £3-4m

Yes he will.

He's out of favour with the manager, wasn't a regular starter last season & only has a year left on his deal too.

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Sadly, I have no doubt that within but days of arriving at Ibrox, several of our fans would be wheeling out the 'too lightweight' line in regards to Eagles.

Thought we should have bid for him before he went to Burnley for £1.5 m a couple of years back. Would do a very good job for us - but i'll believe it when i see it.

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