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*****Official Barclays Premier League Fantasy Football Thread*****

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Premier League Fantasy Football

I have made two Leagues.

Post your team name here so we don't get randoms :BELM:

RM Classic League - 150434-44040 - Based on accumulation of weekly points.


RM Head to Head League - 150434-44059 - You're given an opponent each week and it follows standard league systems.

For those of you who have done it before, it's pretty much exactly the same as last year.

For those who haven't, it's pretty easy to understand and adds a wee bit extra fun to the football.

Hope to see a lot of you in it and good luck.

Any questions just ask.

Teams so far

Graham - The Dream Team

Fog - FC 1690

Mrmytto - I am Glasgow Rangers

Steven1993rfc - madmans mob

Mark1963 - markob's

ForestDillinger - Chutzpah

Bryannn1690 - Bryan's XI

GlenrothesLoyal - Leven Bay Cafe

Swanseabear - Ladzio

SUPERCOOPER - Teddy Bears Party

Duncan - Duncans Doughnuts

Orangeclement - Champions53&counting

Paul-Russell - Walters Warriors

CooperSF - The Raunchy Haddocks

Dande101 - Glasgow Gers

garycassidy1802 -Cardonald Ajax

Henders82 - The other guys

lemur99 - Forpaz

DC Blue - Nae Money FC

savenosouls - Non Athletico Madras

AndyxNachoxNovo - Ibrox XI

The Hammerbear - CSKA Abramovich

Hutchy14 - queens 11

InnerwickBlue - Innerwick City FC

Bricky1873 - Bawbaggery United

Travelingwilbeary - traveling wilburys

allsim0512 - hanngover 1690

bluebear52 - leave ma arse alona

jordo1 - no very athletic FC

fredasyn - dalbeatiie star

paisleyloyal - he knew

dbyst - watp53

scott-no-surrender - eas kil wishy

Liam_rfc - jagermiester_fc

iain88 - Urnae there fc

Players not posted / No RM account

? (Ross Harper) - RM Chewbacca

? (Frank Gers) - Frankgers

? (Theo T) Spartak Moss Side

? (David Aird) - Bunk


Hutchy14's also has Sky Fantasy League for anyone interested in that aswell.

Sky Fantasy Football

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Im in: Bryan's XI. Anyone ken how to change your name, mine is Bryan Df <cr> <cr> <cr> <cr> <cr> <cr>

Make a new account maybe?

I got it mate, it's all good :D


Hangeland Dawson Toure Vermealen

Fabregas Mascherano Arteta Flecther

Defoe Bent..


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Im in: Bryan's XI. Anyone ken how to change your name, mine is Bryan Df <cr> <cr> <cr> <cr> <cr> <cr>
Make a new account maybe?
I got it mate, it's all good :DGomesHangeland Dawson Toure VermealenFabregas Mascherano Arteta FlectherDefoe Bent.. BOOOOOM :D

I just made a random team, going to do a proper one nearer the time when all the transfers are through.

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