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The Game today


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Overall, poor. We didn't look good for most of the game, we haven't at all in the past 3 imo. St.Johnstone's goal was a screamer which I don't think we could've stopped tbh. The most important thing though is getting the 3 points which we did yet again.

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Took until St Johnstone scored for Rangers to even think about shifting up a gear. It worries me that this seems to be creeping into our play again.

Sasa Papac never turned up today, Davis was off the pace until about an hour into the match, Beattie looks as if he will over even less than Velicka, and Jelavic will definitly be a player once he settles in, overall we were pretty poor and there is room for improvement

Beattie hasnt played much since Xmas so heres hoping with a few games under his belt he can start to get in about defences before they have time to react.

Davis is hopefully just getting used to being back in the middle of the park and has just got over a virus.

Jalevic looks the real deal, dont know if anyonbe else noticed but he sort of runs a wee bit like Brian Laudrup only different if you get my drift.

I do fear that our back 4 is not looking as solid as it is normally and teams are winning free headers in and around our box far too easily, need to sort that out.

Good 3 points but far from great entertainment.

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we were to be frank, god awfull, and looked to be outdone by a very weak opposition team which i've said in other threads, worry's me,

i think our depth of squad will catch up with us sooner rather than later and our financial position will bite us this season, as was shown on the pitch today,

we were clean out of creativity, and given the 3 new signings played thier bit, where will the depth and resolve come later in the season??

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