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Scotland vs Liechtenstein

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I done it in another thread recently. Every Scotland manager asks Darren Fletcher to play the creative role. They want him to get the ball and spread the play. That is not what Fletcher does at Man Utd. That's Schole's job. Fletcher does the dirty work and passes the ball to Scholes. The sooner we stop asking him to be the centre of everything we do, the sooner we'll see the real Fletcher play well for Scotland.

Indeed. You get the feeling that if Makelele had been Scottish we'd have had him bombing forward to support the strikers.

On some level I still think there's a feeling in Scottish/British football that defensive midfielders are essentially a waste of time. A large number of England's problems, for instance, come down to this and their desire to fill a midfield entirely with direct attacking players (see the Lampard/Gerrard debate). Think it's a cultural thing more than anything else - in other countries holding midfielders are just a necessary part of the team. It's odd because club sides in this country have been using defensive midfielders effectively for years - especially the top sides like Man United, Chelsea, etc.

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