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Bring it on … just try not to break my legs


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Why not just copy the article in:

Vladimir Weiss: Bring it on … just try not to break my legs

Stewart Fisher

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19 Sep 2010

Vladimir Weiss last night warned SPL defenders that kicking him only makes him come back stronger.

Rangers’ Slovakian winger twice had to pick himself up off the turf in the first 25 minutes against Dundee United yesterday, hefty challenges from Scott Robertson and Jon Daly earning the Tannadice pair yellow cards. But Weiss, man of the match in the home side’s 4-0 win, said that knocks and bruises were a fact of life for an SPL winger, and the only tackles he has a problem with are the ones “that break his legs”.

“Whether it is Scotland or England then the type of player like me is always going to get kicked,” Weiss said. “I am trying to not get frustrated and sometimes I should play the ball a bit earlier. I am learning but I have got no problems with the tackles … at least the ones that don’t break my legs! There were two yellow cards after 15 and 20 minutes, if the Dundee United right-back has a yellow card then he has got to be a bit careful, that gives me a better position to run at him.”

Weiss, on a season-long loan from Manchester City, had been an unused substitute against his parent club’s city rivals at Old Trafford on Tuesday night, and took some of that pent-up energy into yesterday’s game. “I don’t ever really like to sit on the bench but if the manager decides that way I am only 20 years old and I have to respect that.

“It is always a bit frustrating, but this was a good chance to impress and do my best. For me it doesn’t really matter who gets the man of the match. We are looking to win every match and we have got 100% at the moment so we are happy that we won the game.”

There were two yellow cards after 15 and 20 minutes, if the Dundee United right-back has a yellow card then he has got to be a bit careful, that gives me a better position to run at him.

Vladimir Weiss

Weiss may be invited to try to compare SFL-style hacking to SPL when Rangers take on Dunfermline in the Co-operative Insurance Cup at Ibrox on Tuesday night.

With the likes of James Beattie and Weiss still needing games, manager Walter Smith will resist the temptation to field too unfamiliar a side for the meeting with the Fifers, but David Weir is likely to get a well-earned night off because Andy Webster is finally available again.

The centre-half has played just one competitive match for the club in the best part of four years on the Ibrox payroll, scoring in the 4-0 win over Gretna in September 2007, but has recovered from the hamstring injury which has kept him on the sidelines since the start of the campaign.

“We will obviously make changes to our team, but they will be boys who are recognised first-team players,” Smith said. “Beattie has hardly played since Christmas last year, he needs the games and so does Vladimir Weiss. So do other ones like Andy Webster, who is back fit now.”

The match will be Rangers’ fourth in 10 days, but Steven Whittaker for one has no intention of asking for a rest. “If I’m fit and the manager wants me to play then I’m always keen to do so,” he said. “I’m not at all interested in rest – I’m only 26. Davie Weir is 40 and still manages to play more games than everyone else so I don’t think anyone can ask for a rest. Also, you never know if your form dips a bit then you might be out of the team anyway here with the competition.”

The difference in intensity will be marked from the midweek meeting with Manchester United at Old Trafford. “It’s different in terms of the stature of the game but you try and approach it in the same manner and the same mental state,” Whittaker said. “Sometimes it can be hard but the manager will get it into our minds that there is still a game there to be won.”

Whittaker was referring to Smith, but the impending promotion of Ally McCoist from assistant to manager next summer is another intriguing element to the tie. McCoist has done the media and team talks prior to cup ties for the last few years, but it remains to be seen whether his role will have increased scope this year. “In the cup games Ally takes a little bit more of a prominent role,” Whittaker said. “It’s good to give him a shot of it. I don’t know what Walter has in store, we’ll see what happens. Ally might have a bigger part to play this year.”

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its actually quite interesting to see him recognise he could sometimes pass earlier, that shows me he is going to learn quickly and become faultless in his performance. if he plays on tuesday it will be a free for all!

also whats the chances of webster gettin injured!!! i hope not but it wouldnt surprise me if he didnt last 90!

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I love players who have the attitude that Weiss has. He gets hacked down and it's..."fuck you Charlie, give me the ball and I'll go straight at you and see what you do this time" kind of attitude.

I can see a lot of players going for an early bath when this boy is on the park. :clap:

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On the radio after the game and as im watching back the coverage from RTV, they mention that in the games he has played he has no final ball (yes, I know doh) and tries too much instead of taking a simple pass, Ive seen it said in a few threads on here too...

I completely disagree with that opinion, firstly because he is new to the team and only just getting used to his team mates and secondly because he does have the ability to produce a final ball. He is constantly getting into wide positions and sure he maybe tries to beat a player too many times but countless times Vlad got the ball out wide and looked to do something with it, he didnt shun responsibility and he didnt just run into useless space. If he cut inside he tried to shoot or lay off team mates, if he got out wide he would draw fouls and whip in crosses when he could (bare in mind he is playing on his weaker side), if he was getting into trouble, he got out of it and managed to find sasa or another player nearby. He has the ability to pick up the ball and run which is something we have lacked for a while, we have to many players that get the ball and their first thought is just to get rid of it as soon as possible as if its a bomb about to go off but with Vlad its a breath of fresh air and to be honest, I dont care if he loses the ball by trying a step over because I know the next time he will get past the guy.

P.S: Jon Daly is a thug

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Yesterday was the first time I had actually saw him play "in person" and he really impressed me, yes he made a few frustrating choices or his final ball went astray but overall he is a class apart. Just wish he was here permanetly :(

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