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Guest therabbitt

MyP2P and Adthe are two terribly illegal sites for finding streams. I have them bookmarked just to be sure I keep an eye on them, particularly to see if anyone is breaking the law carrying links to Rangers games.


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but is it illegal to watch a foreign channel stream in the uk? i know its illegal to watch a sky sports stream (for example) as they have uk broadcasting rights... BUT if i watch a spanish channel showing the rangers match i dont think it's illegal

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What Does it say?

I'm viewing via iPhone and the writing/print is miniscule and unreadable

A brief overview wud be great, ta (tu)

basicly they say they are cracking down threating legal action if anything is posted about free streams on forums like links or personal messages

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I don't believe this but ok.

I know the EPL are very active in finding & closing down hosting sites like this.

They are very protective of their brand & the money that they can lose by letting this go on.

I don't see why the SPL don't do the same.

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