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So we're minnows are we?


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I had a look at the number of fans at games Europe wide over the weekend and guess what, we are not minnows, in fact the Rangers game had the 4th highest attendance in Europe on Saturday, including Spain, Italy, England, France and Germany, the so-called big nations, the top 5 were:

Man U v Liverpool 75213(less than 1000 more than us on Tuesday)

Bayern v Cologne 69000

Schalke v Dortmund 60069(a derby)

Rangers v Dundee Utd 44786

Kaiserslautern v Hoffenheim 44500

So anyone who thinks we are minnows needs to look harder, all that stops us joining Europe’s elite is being in the SPL.

Thoughts anyone?

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It's not even worthy of a thread for discussion.

Anyone that thinks or suggests Glasgow Rangers are anything other than an absolutely massive club are either jealous or deluded.

Exactly what I was thinking. Also, yes Atletico attendance was around 55,000

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