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Stokes tackle on Hammil

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I love how the commentator is trying to hide the fact he knows it was alot worse than just a yellow card.

" Quite rightly a yellow card "

" He cant complain about that yellow card "

And what the fuck is their bench doing jumping up as if it were the other way about for?

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and Ki did a crashing tackle on Cox that has left him dizzy and on crutches according to Terry B...and what was the punishment? another wee yellow

and that lot have the nerve to say they are the victims of ref injustice and go howling to the SFA for every perceived ref misjudgement :mad:

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The tackles by Stokes and Ki were absolutely horrific. There is no way they were yellow cards, just blatant cheating from McDonald and Thompson (I think it was those two?).

After what was said last season, celtc performing well and Lennon in charge, they are going to get away with this all season.

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