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Surround sound system


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Looking to upgrade my crappy surround sound to one that has an optical input. Preferably under £200.

Any suggestions?

Looking at these



Swaying towards the Samsung at the moment

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To be honest mate. Nobody really makes a bad sound system anymore. Sure, some are not as good as others, but even the worst ones are still OK.

Best thing to do is go to Currys or what, and ask to hear the demo's set ups.

Cheers mate.

Living in the Highlands makes it a bit difficult because the closest city is Inverness which is 83 miles away :(

Im gonna go ahead and order one 2moro. Amazon are very good at returns so if needed i can always go down that route

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My mate got this one ages ago it was priced at £299 might get it cheaper has loads of imputs and i like it as its not got a built in player its just an amp and speakers.


Some more here to look at


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