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David Weir Today ?


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thought he was poor first half and shakey at times during the second but he gradually settled down for the remainder of the time..his clearence came back of the attacker and the skill at the sideline was a good recovery for what could of been costly.

but its 3 points for us so bring on the turkish mob!!

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Incredibly bad in the first half and improved in the 2nd.

He gave the ball away with pointless long punts six times in the space of 10 minutes in the first half. It was worrying to see how our defence fell apart for the two goals.

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His abililty to read the game is fantastic, however, his passing is really,really poor, and he's getting slower. We need to get another CB for, next season, if not january.

I was thinking about this yesterday.

If, and it's a big 'if', there's money in the pot come January, I'd consider bringing in Weir's replacement then. I'd start giving him games to allow him to get used to the set up and also to give Weir the rest.

Our whole defence seems exposed at times with pace. It's no surprise that Aberdeen's two goals came from quick passes into the box that we simply couldn't deal with.

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When it comes to reading the play and positioning there is no one better but when Weir has the ball at his feet with time and space it is like the opposition having the ball because he seems to give it away every single time.

Davis and McCulloch should be dropping short and getting on the ball instead of Weir lumping it 70 yards up the park to nobody.

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