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***PreMatch Analysis*** Rangers versus Bursaspor


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Rangers Versus Bursaspor in the Champions League Group Stage - Game #2 - Season 2010-11, at Ibrox Stadium Glasgow, on Wednesday September 29, 2010. Kick-off 7:45 pm.

Rangers have 1 point from their first game away to Manchester United (0-0). Bursaspor have 0 points after being beaten 4-0 in Turkey by Valencia two weeks ago.

Against Manchester United at Old Trafford, Rangers played with 5 men at the back and comfortably held Manchester United to a non-scoring draw. It is very unlikely that we will see a repeat of those tactics at Ibrox on Wednesday versus Bursaspor. That is not to say that we will undervalue the Turkish champions, but that we will need to be more attack minded to pick up the three points at stake this week if we want to really compete in this section.

If we can win at Ibrox we will be in a very good position in the table as Valencia and Manchester United will fight out a very hard game in Spain. We need three points at home to be credible challengers in this group and that is certainly attainable.

The big problem is that last season when we attempted to attack teams at home in the Champions League we left ourselves open to the counter-attack and got caught out big time losing 4 goals more than once. This will not happen this season, I believe, but Walter may play things a bit more cagey. I think he will pack his midfield and look to the midfield to support K Miller on the break. We are told that Davis may not be fit so that is a big worry.

Our defence should be the same as usual. Midfield is up for grabs. We can choose from Davis, if fit, McCulloch, Edu, Naismith, Lafferty, Weiss and Hutton. Whittaker also could play midfield with Broadfoot at Right Back. That gives Walter plenty of choices. If he is too conservative then goals may be hard to come by. If he is too adventurous we may get caught on the counter attack a la last season.

I feel that we should play two up front or lacking that have midfielders that can switch to attack very easily to support a lone striker. We also need pace and width to unlock a Bursaspor defence.

Davis will play if fit and McCulloch is certain to start too. To them I would add Weiss for pace and width. That leaves two spots open in a five man midfield and I believe Walter will play Edu and Naismith keeping Lafferty in reserve to replace K Miller at some point in the game.

Whittaker may also be considered in a five man midfield and Hutton too, but I believe it will be the formation mentioned above. If Davis is unfit I expect Whittaker to replace him and Broadfoot to come in at Right Back. I believe Hutton may make an appearance at some point in the game.

If Walter plays a four man midfield I expect Lafferty to partner Miller up front and Davis/Naismith, McCulloch, Edu and Weiss to be the starting four midfielders.

We seem to lack something at Central Midfield in games and to me Hutton played so well there versus D'fermiline. I would like to see him get another chance, but doubt if Walter will start him in a vital CL game.

Davis should not be risked if his hamstring is the least bit doubtful as we have too many very important CL gmes coming up.

This should be a very exciting game and one that I think we will win by a goal or two. If we do that we are well on our way to European football after XMAS.

I have a feeling that our squad is better than last year and that our confidence is quite high too. I see improvements in Weiss for width and our strikers are all hitting form. The comeback win at Aberdeen will give the team a big boost too.

Walter may field a team of McGregor, Whittaker, Bougherra, Weir, Papac, Naismith, Davis, Mcculloch, Edu, Weiss, Miller. If Davis is unfit he may be replaced with Whittaker, with Broadfoot coming in at Right Back. If he plays with 2 strikers then I believe Lafferty will play up front and Edu may drop out, but nothing is certain.

My prediction is Rangers 2-0 Bursaspor, with Miller on target.

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Keep it tight at the back and in midfield for the first 60 minutes or so playing 4-5-1, and hope to nick a goal. If it's still 0-0, we can always become more attacking towards the end of the game because the reality is we need 3 points.

Obviously a more attacking tactical approach is needed than against Man Utd, but the first goal is so important. The last thing we want to do is go 1-0 down and have to chase the game.

I would rather we made a clean sheet priority and built from there, becoming more attacking as the game goes on and with the crowd behind us, we are definitely good enough to take the 3 points.

I've heard a lot of people talk about us hammering them for 5 or 6, but as much as I'd love to see us steam roller them, I dont think Rangers ever fare well when we approach games with such optimism.

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From what I've read, their striker, Sercar Yilidrim, is incredibly fast. This means that Weir and Bougherra have to stay on their toes, and, especially Bougherra, stay disciplined to their positions.

Were not a side that play a high line anyway mate, so his pace wont bother us too much (i hope).

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Yeah, I'm talking more about bringing them up for set pieces, or even one of Bougherra's runs high up the pitch. If Weir and Bougherra go up, then we've got to get at least two guys back fairly deep.

Usain Bolt and Maurice Greene 00000042.gif

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I'd have thought about 3000

the Turks are good travellers

we are good travellers but in europa. if we play at germany, holland, belgium,france we can collect 5000 fans easily.

scotland is very far and it is very hard to take Britain visa . Also schengen is not working for scotland.

today an air plane has flight to scotland. the capacity of plan was 190 persons. all footballers, managers , boss , journalists and fans are in this plane. so don so many funs will be at ibrox.

ı guess 400 fans.

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