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I doubt we will. I have heard that he is very well thought of by the coaching staff at Man City. With his qualities he would definately be one for the future there, altho with their spending power who knows if he will get the chance. Unfortunately I can only see us ever gettin him on loan again for another season. Altho you never know...

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Hopefully but doubt it, I do reckon he aint cut out for the Premiership though, far too lightweight and cant see Man City giving him a chance with the millions they have.


You're more likely to fail in the SPL if you're lightweight tbh 'cause strength is such a huge thing here. Other players just kick you off the ball and get away with it all day - Ross Tokely :anguish: Lightweight, pacey, agile, skillful players seem to do perfectly fine in the EPL.

Don't see us being able to afford him anyway. Man City have had him for 4 years, putting a lot of work into developing him and they rate him very highly, so I don't see them selling him. And even if they do, it will be well outwith our price range :disappointment:

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